Available Services

 Assistance of the Franchise Officer

A Franchise Officer will be assigned to coordinate and attend to every need of a Franchise. The Franchise Officer will serve as the Franchisor’s liaison or representative, therefore, any concern arising from the franchisee’s daily operation has to be coursed through or coordinated with them.

 Engineering Design and Construction Management

An official design and layout of all Aquasoft Store will be provided by this department for strict compliance, however, in some instances where materials required are not available, revision is being allowed with a formal approval from the Franchiser. It is understood that the Franchisee is responsible for the construction of the station. The Franchisor however, will conduct regular supervision during renovation or construction to ensure that specifications are strictly followed.

 Training on Technical, Marketing and Sanitary Aspect

In order to prepare the franchisee on the actual opening and operation of the store, Franchiser will conduct free technical and marketing training. An orientation on the Sanitary Requirement and Standard will also be provided. Technical training covers not only the basics of water filtration but also the technical aspects of the equipment, while marketing training covers business strategies and marketing approaches.


On call technical service will be available in cases of equipment breakdown or needs for service maintenance.

Water treatment equipment installation
Upgrading of water treatment equipment
Set up equipment modification
Hot and cold water dispenser repair and maintenance
Multimedia filter and water softener repair and maintenance
General water refilling equipment check-up
Filter cleaning
Disinfection cleaning of water tank
Disinfection of water equipment piping system
Training of WRS operation
Luzon Area: (02) 407-4458
VisMin Area: (032) 238-5387
Common Problems Encountered
Low product flow rate
U.V. lamp is always busted
R.O. pump motor is not working properly and there is vibration
Raw water supply pump motor is not working properly
Product water pump motor is not working properly
Push fittings leakage
When multi-media, GAC, softener is in backwash position, there is black or carbon coming out even though it is backwashed for 3 hours or more than
Pressure switch is not working properly
Solenoid valve does not open
Solenoid valve is not closing
High products TDS
Softener delivers hard water
Softener fails to regenerate
U.V. ballast is always busted after several usage
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