The following Standard Aqua Soft support products for store operations are to be strictly sourced from the franchiser for purposes of UNIFORMITY and BRAND STRENGTHENING as follows:

5 Gallon Labels
Pet Bottles for In house refills with Labels (350, 500, 1 liter, 4 liters, 6 ltrs)
5 Gallon Capseals
Pet Bottle In house refilled Capseals for all sizes
5 Gallon hygienic pull-tab stickers
   The following Support Products are selectively available through the Franchiser or through other REPUTABLE suppliers (provided that these items conform to the hygienic standards of the Franchiser)

Hot and Cold Dispensers
Table Top Dispensers
5 Gallon Containers (PET or PC; transparent blue or bluish green; Slim or Round)
   The following OFFICE supplies (pre-designed and lay-out by Aquasoft Graphic Designers) are available only from the franchiser for purposes of UNIFORMITY and BRAND RECALL STRENGTHENING:

Calling Cards
Company Identification Cards


The following Support Products are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED for Franchise use and thus purchase of the same from outside suppliers is STRICTLY prohibited:

 Colored 5 Gallon containers

 Generic Pet bottles

 Generic Cap Seals

 Generic Pull Tab Hygienic Stickers